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How do I file divorce in Washington State

Finding a Divorce Lawyer in Washington State

Many couples have successfully divorced without hiring a divorce lawyer.   However, a divorce without a lawyer is not recommended when:

  • You and your spouse disagree on issues related to your finances and your children.
  • There is a huge amount of property to be divided.
  • There is a dispute over pension rights.

Divorce lawyers usually charge by the hour and this may mean thousands of dollars on legal fees.  Nevertheless, if disputes between you and your spouse cannot be resolved, hiring a good divorce lawyer is necessary.

Below are tips on how to find a divorce lawyer in Washington State:

  • Ask for referral from friends and family
  • Consult a lawyer specializing in another practice area with whom you have worked before
  • Contact Washington State Bar Association (WSBA). They have a lawyer referral program

Upon meeting with the lawyer for the first time, make sure to ask question about their experience in family law and obtain a detailed information about their fees.

Most lawyers will offer a free 30 minute consultation. You may need to meet with several lawyers before making your decisions.

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