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How do I file divorce in Washington State

Divorce in Washington State

If you are considering divorce in Washington State, then here are three basic things you will need to know. These basics apply both to the dissolution of marriages and the dissolution of domestic partnerships that are registered with the State. They focus on when a divorce in Washington State will be granted, and how property and liabilities are divided.

First, Washington is a "no fault" state. This means that if you are getting a divorce in Washington State, the courts are not interested in determining which spouse is at fault. To divorce in Washington State, only one spouse need say that the marriage is "irretrievably broken." Once that is said, then a divorce decree can be granted.

The next thing to know when seeking a divorce in Washington State is that Washington is a "community property" state. This means that all property acquired during the marriage is presumed to be the property of the spouses. Specific exceptions exist (for example, inheritance or gift), but generally speaking all property acquired during the marriage is "owned" by the spouses together. This applies to debt, as well, so if you are planning to divorce in Washington State, then all property and liabilities acquired during the marriage will be subject to division.

The third thing to know when considering a divorce in Washington State is that Washington is a "fair and equitable" state and not a "50/50" state. This means that the property and liabilities will be divided between the spouses in a "fair and equitable" manner when pursuing a divorce in Washington State, and not necessarily in a "50/50" or equal manner.

You may begin our divorce process online and choose to complete your divorce by mail, or prepare your own pleadings and then initiate your divorce petition in person with your local Washington county superior court.

With WashingtonDivorceOnline.com you can ensure your divorce situation is reviewed by a licensed Washington attorney with extensive family law experience. We have created an affordable way for you to submit your divorce information online to have the attorney prepare all the legal documents necessary based upon your particular situation and agreements with your spouse.

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